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Leather Repair

Leather Repairs

The experts at Leather Repairs Derby can restore your leather to its original beauty.  Even minor damage can detract from the stylish elegance of leather, and a minor tear can become a major rip if not properly repaired.  From scuffed shoes to torn car seats to stained sofas – we’ve seen it all! The craftsmen at Leather Repairs Derby have the skill and expertise to erase leather damage, and bring back your leather’s natural beauty.

Leather Repair

Car Seat Repairs

No job is too big or too small for our team of expert craftsmen.  When we catch wear or damage early, we can erase the damage and keep it from spreading. Minor tears can turn into major rips if not repaired early on, and dealing with minor scuffs and stains now can save you from more major repairs down the line. Call the experts at Leather Repairs Derby at the first sign of wear or damage to save your money and your leather.

Leather Repair

Leather Cleaning

You don’t need to run out to buy new leather when yours just needs a bit of care!  Let the leather cleaning experts at Leather Repairs Derby have a look, and help restore your leather’s natural beauty and shine. You’ll be amazed at how proper leather cleaning and care can transform your leather, making it look and feel brand new again!  No job is too big or small. When your leather starts to show signs of age or wear, you can count on Leather Repairs Derby to bring back your leather’s natural charm.

Leather Repairs Derby

At Leather Repairs Derby we know that any leather purchase is a valued possession, and that our clients are keen to take the highest care and ongoing maintenance of all types of leather goods, from furniture to clothing and from car interiors to household upholstery. Our Derby team are friendly and experienced and have been providing leather care and repair services for years. We are able to provide services to meet any type of leather care or repairing need in Derby, undertaking upholstery repairs across Derby, furniture repairs for Derby residents, treating car interiors for Derby businesses and residents and providing cleaning and polishing services across Derby to ensure that your leather goods never looked so good.

We know that you are busy, and don't have time to drop off and collect items, or wait around for deliveries, which is why we offer our services mobile. We visit customers in the home, supporting them on site, to make everything much easier. We carry out on site repairs, cleaning and polishing for all types of leather goods across Derby. This enables our team to take the up most care of your leather goods and because we're on site, we can always ensure customers are more than satisfied with our work. It couldn’t be easier to get a quote from us or book with us, just complete and submit our online form.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Repairs for all types of leather goods across Derby
  • Repairs for upholstery across Derby
  • Cleaning and polishing for all types of leather across Derby
  • Dying, stain removing and restoring across Derby

We work with customers from right across Derby and all of the surrounding area too, and getting in touch with us to receive a quote or to book Leather Repairs Derby's services couldn’t be easier. Click here and just complete the ‘contact us’ form, and an expert member of your local team will be contact you to answer your query.

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