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Leather brings a sense of beauty and style to your home, car, and wardrobe, and proper care is vital to keep it looking and feeling great. You invested in your leather, and you deserve to enjoy it for years to come. Do not let fading, stains, or scuffs ruin the look of your leather. Our best leather repair and cleaning experts at Leather Repairs Derby will provide the proper care & cleaning to keep your leather looking and feeling new. Leather goods are made to last, but even the finest leather can suffer damage over time.

Our On-Site Leather Cleaning Services

You do not need to run out to buy new leather when yours just needs some care!  Let the leather cleaning experts at Leather Repairs Derby have a look, and help restore your leather’s natural beauty and shine. You will be amazed at how proper leather cleaning and care can transform your leather, making it look and feel brand new again. There is no work too big or too small for Leather Repairs Derby to restore the natural appeal of your leather when it begins to show symptoms of aging or damage.

leather-repair-servcieDo not risk dragging your leather into a shop for a quote – we will come to you to provide on-site cleaning services and expert advice to care properly after service. The leather cleaning team at Leather Repairs Derby uses a multi-step treatment tailored to your needs. Our pre-cleaning treatment removes surface dust and dirt, followed by deep cleaning to remove deep dirt and grime. Once fully cleaned, we can touch up fading colour and finish to make your leather shine like new again.

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Treat your sofa to like-new leather again by calling the leather cleaning experts at Leather Repairs Derby. Our team will visit you to assess the damage, provide a free quote, and carry out all work on-site. You can trust our team to give your leather the care it deserves. Do not live with damaged or ageing leather any longer – connect with us at 07871765011 to book our service today.